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गले में धारण होने वाले यंत्र (लाकेट)

सर्वार्थ सिद्धि यंत्र Sarvarth Sidhi yantra
रोग निवारण यंत्र Rog Niwaran yantra
सकल सौभाग्यकर यंत्र Sakal Saubhagya Yantra
ऋण विमोचन यंत्र Rin Vimochan Yantra
अष्ट सिद्धिकर यंत्र Asht Sidhikar Yantra
सकल कार्य साधक Sakal Karya Sadhak
संतान प्राप्ति यंत्र Santaan Prapti Yantra
विद्या बुद्धि कवित्व यंत्र Vidhya Buddhi kavitva Yantra
संकट निवारण यंत्र Sankat Niwaran yantra
सर्व रक्षाकर यंत्र Sarva Rakshakar Yantra
व्यापार यंत्र Vyapaar Yantra
सर्व कार्य सिद्धी यंत्र Sarv Karya Sidhi Yantra
सोधशी यंत्र Shodashi Yanta


All very vintage heritages had a sacred geometric notions agent of their Gods, which had a mantra (or sacred sound vibration) that corresponded to it. In the Vedic heritage, we find much power and energy said to be held within sacred geometric emblems. Yantras are not "lucky charms" to be impaired or brandished as icons of power in and of themselves. Much specific data and skill should proceed into their groundwork and much dedication and adoration is required to accomplish the desired penalties.


Yantra means a "talisman", or equipment" or “Amulet" or "Kavach" which, if made and conceived by a trained person as well as utilized under his accurate main headings for fruitful conclusions, will help to gain the objector things of yearn or aspiration. While it would not be a tough task for most of us to accurately replicate the pattern of a Yantra, it would not have the yearned effect. Furthermore, to be flawlessly dependable, it would be all but useless if not conceived by a trained one-by-one and then "infused" with the accurate power by the intermediate of mantra. Else, it becomes just an intriguing pattern or likeness to gaze at, but has no genuine effect on time or attenuating components in life.


Yantras should habitually be utilised on the grade. If drawn on paper the colors preferable are red, orange, yellow or a combine of these. A Yantra without bija mantras is dead. They can be drawn to anything dimensions is required. In adoration they should be put grades on a pedestal or pitha. Before any Yantra is an apt object for Puja, it must be granted life (pranapratishta). A Yantra is wholeheartedly crucial in every locality of your life, to attain achievement in your occupation, to come with wealth, to win in court situations, to ward off infections and to advancement in meditation. By having a Yantra and keeping it in a sacred location in your house, looking it every day can fulfil your craves and help in attaining your goals.


There are different kinds of Yantras of distinct reasons. They can help you to attain achievement in your enterprise, convey the person under your control, and convey wealth and prosperity to you. The Yantras have to be purified and energized before utilising it. Yantras energized all through the nights of Maha Shivratri, Holi and Diwali are most creative and mighty. Routinely the associated Mantras are furthermore chanted in the presence of the Yantras for fast outcomes.


It is auspicious to glimpse the Yantra every day in the forenoon and one should lit incense/dhoop or lightweight with ghee before the Yantra every forenoon. By doing this the native is blessed with success and wealth. We drive these Yantras only after Pran pratishta (energizing or accomplishing Pooja on them).