Any native himself or herself can get the basic quickstep understanding and implication-meaning about his-her planets placement in the chart’s 12 Houses, to check towards the status of rewards-results. However, it should preferably be done..

Every person aspires to become well off or rich. It is for a better and secure life. Everyone wants to make money. But the status or circumstance of wealth is not the same in every Kundli, natal birth chart. But it can be corrected. One can become..

24th of February 2018, Saturday, is an auspicious date for marriages (Shubh Vivah Mahurat) per the Indian rituals, lunar calendar calculations, astrology, Nakshatras etc. Not only the marriage date, but also the auspicious-favorable time for the m..

Navaratri is one of the most sacred Hindu religious festivals. Navaratri is also spelt Navratri. ‘Nav’ part of Navaratri means nine and ‘ratri’ means night. Therefore, Navaratri means the sacred nine nights; the festive obs..

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