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Astrology backed up by the scientific reasoning is called Astroscience. Astroscience is based upon Yes I Can Change which has been researched thoroughly by Pandit G.D.Vashist ji. Yes I Can Change is a book which describes the impact of sun and planetary movements on our lives and also gives the remedies to avoid or minimize the possible loss. After the research Pandit G.D.Vashist ji decided to do something to help the world and came up with Yes I Can Change™. Yes I Can Change™ is a book based on the basics of Yes I Can Change and it gives the full life horoscope of the individual based on his/her date , time and place of birth. It not only tells us the reasons for the failures and achievements done in the past by us but also the probable accomplishments or rejections that we might face in the future.

This website is owned by GD Vashist & Associates Pvt. Ltd. and It has been online since November 2006. This astroscience site is a dream project of Pandit G.D.Vashist Ji through which he intends to serve the humanity across the world by allowing the users to connect directly to Pandit Ji and discuss their problems.This is quiet evident by the Pandit Ji's mission statement "BAS AB DUKH AUR NAHI" which means “NO MORE SUFFERINGS.”

We all have some problems in our lives at one time or other and Pandit ji has solutions to all of them which can be found by you, yourself also on the website This website also allows you to order your own Yes I Can Change™ which will surely help you in living a smooth and trouble free life by predicting the future.

You can find a number of astrology sites on the internet which claim to provide you sure solution for your problems but we take pride in saying that we are the one and only astroscience solution providers as our remedies are supported by logical and scientific reasoning as given in Yes I Can Change. This eliminates the possibility of hit and trial method and gives you quick and everlasting results. This is further augmented by the unselfish motive of Pandit Ji and his benevolence for the entire mankind.

Our astroscience site also offers a unique Matchmaking service for marriages, which is completely different from others because it does not depend only on the Gun- Milan of two persons. Rather, it forecasts the upcoming good and bad events which can take place in to-be married couples' lives after marriage ,there by assisting them to make a sensible decision whether they wish to tie the knot with each other or not.

So it can be easily understood how beneficial Yes I Can Change can prove to be for all of us as it touches every sphere of our life and its predictions and remedies are much more practical than Vedic or any other astrology.